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Gutbuster Extreme

Posted by Alex Heath on Jul 7, 2011

So...I've created a monster and it's called The Gutbuster Extreme!! Go to our "Hot From the Pot" section for a description of my newest invention...but beware, it may Bust "Yer Guts!

The Glory of the Outdoors

Posted by Alex Heath on Jun 10, 2011

Since the weather has been co-operative the last week, I've had the chance to sit on our patio and I forgot how BEAUTIFUL it is! We have a huge flower bed with well established annuals and perennials, plus new tables and chairs that compliment the natural background. I am POSITIVE that you can't find a more pleasing patio in all of Alberta! I've never found one, and trust me...I never give up that chance to drink a pint in the great outdoors. So make sure you stop by and make your own judgement on our efforts to give you the best experience we can. You stay classy Wainwright (I know...shameless Ron Burgundy reference, but can you blame a guy for tryin?)

Alex's First Blog

Posted by Alex Heath on Jun 1, 2011

Wow...a REAL blog? Just for little 'ol me? Since this is my first one I guess I'm a little nervous and don't have much to say other than how happy I am to be able to give our guests this new website! But be sure to keep coming back to see what crazy things I have to say...I'm sure my General Manager will have to tell me to tone things down occasionally since I'm the CrazyMaker, but hey! This is My Blog isn't it? I say what I want! Thanks for joining me on my first blog...much more to come!